Tantalum wire Specifications

Technical Grade Tantalum Wire

Technical grade tantalum wire typically follows the standard


Medical Grade Tantalum Wire

Medical Grade tantalum Wire / surgical grade tantalum wire typically follow one ore more of the following standards:


The requirements to the chemical composition of surgical grade tantalum are considered fulfilled if the chemical analysis of the tantalum Ingot material fulfills the requirements. There are slightly differences in the acceptance criteria for R05200 and R05400 tantalum grades as can be seen here. When supplying surgical tantalum R05200 or R05400, the supplier shall provide a certification that the material was tested in accordance with the specification and met all requirements. A report of the test results shall be furnished to the purchaser at the time of shipment.


Tantalum Wire Forms

Tantalum wire is typically supplied annealed or unannealed on spools. Tantalum wire on spool is the most common option for automated processing. Straightened tantalum wire (tantalum rods) is suitable for manual tantalum machining or semi-automated processing.



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