Tantalum wire Suppliers

Most tantalum wire is made to order by the mill. Stating out with Electron beam melted tantalum Ingot - Grade R05200 or sintered tantalum Ingot - Grade R05400. Material specification typically follows ASTM B365 or ASTM F560 specification for surgical grade tantalum wire. The tantalum wire compostion is normaly determined from ingot analysis, but the content of elements like oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen may be required tested in the final tantalum wire product. In a number of steps the ingot is machined into tantalum rods and subsequently in to tantalum wire products


Large quantity tantalum wire orders

Large order quanty tantalum wire (10 kgs and up) is typically sourced directly from the mill made to orders.


Small quantity tantalum wire orders

Tantalum wire in small quantity may be more dfficult to source. Standard tantalum wire diameters in small amounts may be found here:


0.190 mm

0.250 mm

0.400 mm

0.500 mm

0.800 mm

1.000 mm

1.100 mm

1.200 mm

1.500 mm

2.000 mm


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